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Bitcoin mixing service BTCBlender

This is your number 1 Bitcoin mixer website. Here you are able to exchange dirty or tainted bitcoins. Check it out now: Bitcoin Mixer / Bitcoin Tumbler – Exchange dirty or otherwise “tainted” bitcoins for new, clean bitcoins and protect your anonymity online.

Using bitcoin mixers to achieve maximum anonymity

Traditional bitcoin mixers tend to offer additional features to further protect their users anonymity. These are often optional, but you should always use them where possible, as they will help you protect your anonymity more than simply exchanging your coins for new coins. This is because even if you remove the taint, somebody with their […]

Learn how to setup a Bitcoin VPN

This awesome Bitcoin Cloudhosting website has published a full blog on how you can create your own Bitcoin VPN. In this post, it is explained step by step on how you can create your own VPN by using openVPN. It is important in the age of information security to use VPNs and other tools that […]