NDX – Tradeable Cryptocurrency Index

NDX is a new digital token which derives its value from the non-weighted average of the top 30 ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap.


NDX: Tradeable Cryptocurrency Index

NDX is a newly minted digital asset whose tokens derive their value from the non-weighted average of the top 30 ranked cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NDX tokens offer a way for investors to reduce risk by distributing their investment among 30 cryptocurrencies known for their growth, size, and value. Therefore, NDX tokens offer investors broad crypto market exposure.

NDX was designed to be simple, efficient, fast, and secure. It was created in such a way that the average layperson would be able to understand it – and it’s a perfect entry point for new investors to the crypto market. Users don’t have to deal with lengthy public addresses or large blockchains when sending and receiving NDX tokens. They can buy and send tokens all in one place as well as receive pricing information from the most trusted resource in the industry: CoinMarketCap.com.

All site communication is secured by a 256-bit SSL encryption & adaptive CAPCHAs specially designed for an extra layer of security to prevent brute-force bot and DDOS attacks. Users can create an NDX wallet in seconds. The process is much easier than trying to download wallets and blockchains for 30 different cryptocurrencies – and then trying to re-allocate your investment when cryptos change rank based on market cap.

As of this article’s writing, the price of 1 NDX = $136.29 USD = 0.0583243 BTC. The crypto market is relatively new and volatile, but very intriguing in its paradigm shift with regards to money and the characteristics & functions thereof. We’re excited to see where the innovation takes us. And while the burgeoning crypto market grows in size and value, so will NDX. NDX tokens will consistently track the top 30 cryptos in the long run. Right now they can be purchased with Bitcoin and PayPal on NDXtoken.org.