How to withdraw from B3 to KB3

The case is simple. If you have an wallet that contains B3 coins, then you can send those coins to your KB3 wallet. The only difference is the fact that one KB3 coin is equal to 1000 B3 coins. So if you send 5000 B3 coins to your KB3 wallet, you will only receive 5KB3 […] for beginners

If you just started with cryptocurrency trading on the platform, then it is strongly suggested to read this short but handy tutorial on how to trade on First thing, you need to be aware that you only use money that you can miss. Each dollar or euro you place on the currency should […]

Free ALTcoin monitoring tool

This ALTcoin monitoring tool has been crafted for the environment. The tool allows you to keep track of the changes that take place on the environment. The tool has been tested on Windows 10 64bit and there are no charges or payments that need to be fullfilled before you can download or use […]